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Imagaro professional Z

This software fixes both your vector graphics and solves your typeface problems. Step by step this program takes you from imported bitmap to a ready vector original that can be used for virtually any purpose and it can be resized without loss in quality.

Imagaro professional Z

Imagaro Z
Mac OS X and Windows
Imagaro professional Z recognizes shapes that are restored with only one click. Size and rotation are calculated automatically by the program.   Before Imagaro Z
After Imagaro Z
The software can not only make texts in your graphics perfect by replacing them with the right font. It can also answer lots of other typeface questions. Imagaro professional Z can recognize all fonts you own plus more than 100,000 typefaces from different manufacturers.   Text before Imagaro Z pil
Text after Imagaro Z

You can browse and search among all the fonts and more than 20,000 of them can be downloaded for free from Internet sites. If you don't own a certain font, you can let the program search for similar looking fonts that you own or that can be downloaded for free. If you need to buy a typeface, Imagaro professional Z can directly link you to a font site where you can order and download the font immediately.

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