Graphic Tracer is the new Imagaro Z

Imagaro, the company that created Imagaro Z, has ceased to exist.

Last year the founder of Imagaro unexpectedly passed away. Imagaro was owned entirely by its founder, which basically means that Imagaro Z has died with him.

Graphic Powers is the new owner of the Imagaro technologies

In order to preserve this wonderful technology, Graphic Powers has purchased the Imagaro Z source code, and now employs the development team behind Imagaro Z. This means that the development of the technology will continue and improve. We have recently released a new software called Graphic Tracer that will replace Imagaro Z. We do appreciate all of those who have previously purchased Imagaro software and hope to retain all users as customers.

Imagaro Z
died Nov 2015...
Graphic Tracer
Resurrected as
Graphic Tracer
Nov 2016.

At its core, Graphic Tracer is fundamentally the same program as the last version of Imagaro Z with some newly added features. It contains the same advanced Sensedge™ autotracing and font identification and replacement technology.

A special offer has been created exclusively for all who have previously purchased Imagaro products. We hope that this will be of interest.

Please read about our special offer and how as a Imagaro software owner can upgrade your license below.

We regret to inform that the licensing and font identification server will effectively be shut down on Dec 31 2016. This means that all Imagaro Z software will no longer be able to access the online font search database. We are sorry we are not able to register, provide activation codes, update or support Imagaro software.


New Features!

- Power failure or computer crash? Graphic Tracer opens the last auto-backup. Never lose more than 2 minutes of work!

- Faster graphics engine that can handle more complex images.

- Easy access to results from previous font search.

- Improved contour replacement with better preview.

- Move induvidual letters for perfect placement, even for script fonts.

- ClikLink™, one click import and export for Corel Draw X8.

-Automatic update and news notifications.

Do you have an active Imagaro Z subscription?

If you are currently subscribed to Imagaro Z, you will soon get an e-mail telling you how you can install Graphic Tracer. Your current subscription will be terminated by the end of your subscription period. Then, you will have to start subscribing to Graphic Tracer through our new system. We will send you a discount code, giving you a perpetual 50% discount. This means that you will receive Graphic Tracer for half-price forever, as long as you stay a user. You will always have the latest, most advanced version of the program, and best of all... no more upgrade cost!

Do you have an existing Imagaro Z license?

All current users can use our great upgrade offer when they start subscribing to Graphic Tracer. You will receive a coupon code by e-mail giving you a 50% discount forever, as long as you stay a user. If you haven't received the code, please send us an e-mail with your current Imagaro Z serial number and we will send you the discount code.

You can even use the discount code to order extra licenses with a 50% discount forever.

Request discount code

Visit and sign up. Then you can use your discount code to order your subscription with a 50% discount forever, as long as you stay a user.