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Upgrade Aug 2013 edition
Upgrade Aug 2013 edition
Imagaro professional Z Main features Technical information
New Version — Jul 2015 Edition
  • Recognize more than 100,000 typefaces
  • 20,000+ fonts can be downloaded for free
  • Fast font ID results from almost any text
  • Find similar fonts, even tweaked ones
  • Select to search among your fonts only
  • Adjust letters before you replace text
  • Preview node editings before executing
  • Edit part of shape and mirror with 5 methods
  • Better contour effect replacement
  • Adapted for Illustrator CC, Corel DRAW X7, Windows 10 and much more...
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New node editing
New version
New node editing
New node editing
Editing Coloriffic logo
Editing Coloriffic logo

Editing Falcons logo
Fixing Falcons logo


For current Imagaro Z users

Imagaro, the company that originally created Imagaro Z does not exist anymore. The rights to the latest version have been bought by the company Graphic Powers.

The development of the software continues and we really want to keep you as a user of Imagaro professional Z. We have a limited time offer for all current users who want to upgrade. Read more about the upgrade offer here.

We are sorry that we are unable to register, update and support older software versions.

Graphic Powers

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The Imagaro Z software

Fix the graphics

If your work includes preparing vector graphics for production, you know that it can take several hours.

Imagaro professional Z turns the imported bitmap graphics into vector graphics. This is called auto tracing and the resulting objects are built from lines and curves. If you have been working with autotracing before, you know that the result is very much depending on the quality of the original bitmap image. To get your logos into shape, Imagaro Z can do much more than just autotracing. To get the graphics into perfect shape, you can restore common shapes to their original look.

The correct font
Imagaro professional Z has a set of tools that will turn graphics into its original shape. The FontEye™ tool can recognize typefaces and turn your texts into the correct font. The result can't become any better than that. Even rectangles, circles, ellipses and triangles becomes perfect with one click. Another great function is that you can copy the shape from one object to others by just clicking them. Rotation and size are calculated automatically.

Perfect contours
Another issue that usually creates a problem in logos and other graphics is outline effects. When you vectorize a text with an outline, it usually does not look good when you take a closer look at it. And when you replace the text with the correct font using the FontEye™ tool, the contour effect will look as if it was hand made. In Imagaro professional Z you can re-calculate the outline by selecting the text and then clicking the Show outline button. The software automatically calculates the distance for the outline and when you click apply the traced contour is replaced with a perfectly calculated outline. Some shapes can't be restored to their original shape because they are hand drawn or come from some clip art graphics. If there are any flaws in these objects you most probably can fix them with the clean-up tool in Imagaro professional Z.

Get better tracing results

When you trace a bitmap image it is converted to shapes consisting of curves and lines. To get good looking and easy to edit graphics it is important that the lines, curves and corners are placed in the right places.

Professional drawings
A curve or a line is defined by a starting point and an endpoint, these points are called nodes. A curve also has two handles which determine the start and end direction of the curve. When a professional artist draws shapes he places nodes and handles in a certain way to get objects with the right look that are easy to control. Nodes should be placed in every corner and in every maxinum point of a curve, and at the maximum points the handles should be placed absolutely horizontal or vertical. You can look at any typeface to see for yourself that professional graphics are built this way.

How to get perfect outlines

Inlines/outlines and other contour effects are very common in logos and other graphics. When you vectorize a logo the text and the outline are traced separately. This means that they will not become parallell.

Geting perfect outline effects
When you use the FontEye™ tool to find the font and replace the text, the text will become perfect but the outline will look even worse now that the text has the right look. There is only one way to fix this and it is to recalculate the contour effect. In Imagaro professional Z you only need to select the text and then click "Preview contour". The software automatically calculates the distance for the outline and draws a preview on top of the traced contour. You now only have to click the apply button to remove the old outline and replace it with a new contour created from the text which has the right typeface.

Finding the font when the text is curved

How many times have you asked yourself: What font is this? Imagaro professional Z can help you to identify the font in almost all situations. Even when the text is arced or aligned to a curve this program will identify the typrface.

Type ID when the text is curved
When you want to identify a curved, arced or tilted text you use the same procedure as when you identify the font of any normal text with one small difference. You must set the rotation angle for the letters. Just select the alignment for the text; curved, arced, tilted, straight or free charcters. When you have done this you only need to click the "Find" button to see what font it is.

Tools that will clean up the nodes

Imagaro professional Z has several tools that will clean up poor looking logos and other graphics.

Sometimes when a logo is vectorized, you will discover that some parts of the image looks good while others don't. Usually large objects have a nice look while smaller objects tend to look rougher. In Imagaro professional Z you have the option to re-trace selected objects with new settings. You can for example use higher accuracy on smaller objects.

Imagaro professional Z has tools that will restore common shapes, texts, repeated shapes and outline effects to their original look, but sometimes you have hand drawn shapes and clip-art that needs to be fixed. For this purpose Imagaro professional Z has a clean-up tool which will fix flaws and smothen out rough looking objects.

Another way to smoothen graphics is to remove and adjust nodes and handles with the node editing tool. This will take much longer time but on the other hand you are completely in control of the graphics. Imagaro professional Z has a few node editing features which can help you if you want to edit the graphics manually.


Identify the typeface

Have you ever had a text where you can't figure out which typeface it is? After hours of searching, you still don't have a clue. You are not alone. Everyone working with graphics has this problem.

Type ID
Now you don't have to look any further than in your Imagaro professional Z software. The program can identify more than 100,000 typefaces. In a minute you will know exactly which font it is and you can be 100% sure that the correct font is found since it is projected on top of your text so that you can see that it is an exact match.

Typeface Information
Imagaro professional Z tells you which typeface it is and if you own it the program can tell you exactly where it is stored. The software keeps track of all your fonts, even the ones that aren't installed in your computer. Just let Imagaro Professional Z scan through all of your font collections when you install the software.

Similar fonts
If you don't have a font, Imagaro professional Z can suggest other fonts which looks the same or almost the same. There are lots of fonts that are very similar from differenrt manufacturers. You can save money when the software suggests similar looking fonts that you own or can be downloaded for free. More than 20,000 fonts in the FontEye databases can be downloded for free.

ID fonts in transformed texts
Imagaro professional Z can identify the typeface even if the text is bent, rotated, stretched or compressed. Even script fonts or other texts where letters are connected can be identified.

Even tweaked texts

Identify fonts in any text
Now you know that Imagaro professional Z can identify more than 100,000 fonts from leading typeface manufacturers all over the world plus all the typeface collections you own yourself which can be scanned by the software plus all the fonts you have installed in your computer. But it doesn't stop there!

ID script fonts
A truly amazing part about the font identification in Imagaro professional Z is that it can recognize the font even if the text is stretched, compressed, arced or aligned to a curve. Even in script texts where the letters are connected, the font can be recognized. When the text is so distorted that no one can say what font it is, Imagaro professional Z can. The software also tells you exactly how much the text is stretched or compressed. This allows you to create new texts with the exact same look even when the original text is tweaked.

Restore texts

A scanned text or the text in a small logo taken from the Internet is practically useless when you need to enlarge it. To get good looking scalable texts you'll need to replace the texts with the correct font.

Find fonts and use them
Imagaro professional Z has not only the ability to recognize fonts, it can also replace scanned or imported texts with the right typeface. This means that the texts become regenerated as they once were created. Even if the texts have been stretched out, are compressed, arced or aligned to a curve you can use this program to get perfect texts.

100,000+ fonts identified
Imagaro professional Z can identify more than 100,000 fonts and when the font is identified, you only need to click the Replace button to turn the text into the correct typeface. You must naturally own the font to use this function. However if you don't own it, Imagaro professional Z can also show you if you own other fonts which looks almost the same. Many fonts are very similar but have different font names when they come from different type foundries.

Keep track of all fonts

Do you know exactly which fonts you own? Do you have fonts which are similar to other typefaces that you can use instead? Do you know where you can buy and download missing fonts in seconds?

Solves your font questions
Imagaro professional Z answers all of these questions in only a few seconds. You can enter a font name into the program or a part of it and Imagaro professional Z will instanly show you what the font looks like and tell you if you own it. If you dont have the typeface, the program can suggest similar fonts that you own, which can be used instead. The application draws the suggested font on top of the original typeface so that you can be absolutely sure that the fonts look the same. Even when you have used Imagaro professional Z to identify a font, the program can tell you if you own another similar typeface.

Font look alikes
Sometimes you might not have a font or a typeface which looks the same. In this case, Imagaro professional Z lets you search several different font sites on the Internet directly from within the program. When the software has found the typeface, you can directly download the font from the selected site. More than 20,000 of the fonts can be downloaded and used for free. It has never been easier to keep track of the fonts you own and all others too.

A better way to node edit

When you have traced a color logo, the different color fields are traced edge to edge so that no gaps or overlaps are created in the image. But when you start editing the graphics you will get gaps or overlaps everytime you try to change something in the image. This means that you have to edit the other object to close the gap and it is almost impossible to get perfect edge to edge graphics again.

In Imagaro professional Z the nodes of the different objects are connected. So when you move one of them the other object will change automatically so that no gap appears. It doesen't matter what kind of editings you do, the graphics will remain tight edge to edge.

If you want to node edit the traditional way in Imagaro professional Z and separate the objects, just press the ALT-key when you edit and the borders between the colors will become separated.

Identify the typeface in script texts

In some texts, the letters are connected. This happens when a script font is used or when two characters are too closely kerned. In either case Imagaro professional Z can tell you what typeface it is.

Script font ID
When you identify a font with Imagaro professional Z you must type in the same text as the one you have selected in the graphics and then you must connect the correct objects in the graphics with the correct character in the text. This becomes a problem when several characters are connected so that it is impossible to select only one letter. The solution is to connect all the connected letters to a group of characters. When you have connected the letters correctly you just click "Find" and in just a few seconds Imagaro professional Z will tell you which font it is.

Like no other software

Imagaro professional Z can recognize fonts where no other software can handle the task. It doesn't matter if you try with WhatTheFont, WhatFontIs, FindMyFont or FontGenius. Non of these programs can ID fonts in texts that are stretched, compressed, rotated or bent. In fact no other software than Imagaro Z can identify the font in script texts.


Use Imagaro Z with other programs

Even if you want to use the auto tracing in other software such as VectorMagic, Adobe LiveTrace, Corel PowerTrace, SmartVector pro or InkScape. You will find Imagaro professional Z a great help to get the graphics into great looking shape. You can swap the texts with the right typeface and click objects to turn them into common shapes. Outline effects are recalculated to perfection and repeated shapes are made identical with just a few clicks.

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What do the users think about Imagaro Z?

Do you want to know how Imagrao Z helps thousands of users all over the world to identify fonts and make perfect logos fast? Take a look at what actual users say about the Imagaro Z software below.


"Your software is really incredible!! It seems like most of the things I get from customers are either electronic bitmaps or physical printouts. I used to spend hours trying to get a workable artwork. My company is very new, and I am trying to win over customers by providing very affordable prices. Your software has made this so much more practical, by reducing my hours of laboring over artwork.

I want you to know that I really love this software. It totally blow me away at the time I have saved using your software. What would have taken me two or three, or even more hours, is literally down in less than a minute or two. TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!

Thank You so very much."

Patrick Musser, 2 a T Screen Printing


"I just wanted to thank you and your company for introducing me to the Imagaro Z Program. I can not even tell you how much time this program has saved me in production time alone.

My company has been opened for 4 months, and I can not believe how many customers bring in clip art, or a download picture that they want to use on their signs, banners, etc. At first I would spend hours, sometimes days recreating an image. I found myself not having time to do other jobs or designs. I was losing valuable time and money doing this the long way.

Now that I have Imagaro Z I have saved so much time and am able to focus on other things. My customers and my staff would like to thank you for the introduction to this program."

Sabrina Lassonde, Graphic Designer, Graphic Marketing Solutions


"...I purchased the program at the Rally. I received it the Thursday we returned, installed it the same day and it is the real deal!! I have scanned and vectorized several logos since I installed it. We had previously done this work in SignLab ver 6 which is not bad, but still a lot of clean-up. The font replacement tool is amazing. I would say that clean up time is cut by 75% and when you add the font I said, it's the real deal... I would encourage people to download the demo."

Jim - Signs Now #151


"Being a faithful Adobe product user I was at first a bit skeptical. But after viewing the tutorial, I vectorized a very detailed piece of artwork in seconds that previously would have taken an hour or two to trace. Adobe Photoshop has a Bezier tool that will trace a selected image but not as fast, accurate and intuitive as Imagaro Z. This week I estimate being able to save about eight hours in design time alone. I look forward to using the Font Eye tool; in graphic design school you're made to memorize a large number of fonts. Perhaps with the Font Eye tool I can free up some of that memory space in my brain for bad jokes and Star Wars trivia."

Cleve Sharpe, Art director, Signs Now, Bloomington Indiana


This is the answer to spending too much time laboring through countless magazines, font sites, and checking with other letterheads in trying to locate the right font...

..a must have programme for all sign companies big or small. The time it saves will pay back the cost after the first few jobs and will make you not fear the next customer who says it has to look just like this...

This programme has made my life easier and I don't worry about how do I bill all the extra hours of art time.

By far the best programme to come along... I use it, I enjoy the time it saves me and like I say "Time is Money".

John "Tramp" Warner, Ontario, Canada


"As someone who has mastered the art of converting bitmap images to high-quality vector files, I have for many years been critical of auto-tracing tools and solutions that attempt to do what only a human artist could accomplish. Imagaro Z has made a believer out of me: this is the first software product I have ever seen that actually does what I thought was impossible. Using this product will eliminate hours of painstaking illustration labor, which translates to more time for creativity and profit for the graphic designer. Anybody whose work involves the correction or conversion of logos and other images must consider Imagaro-Z a necessary addition to their software toolbox."

Dennis Burnham, MAS
Author: "Your Imprint Here
- A Graphic Arts Handbook for the Promotional Products Industry"


"This software has made our shop more productive. Jobs that used to take hours have been reduced to minutes! "

Vinh Huynh, SIGNS, Portland, Oregon


"This program has saved me so much time and money, and has reduced the amount of time I used to spend retracing logos, business cards, etc. My only regret is that I didn't buy it sooner."

Jim Oney, Midwest Signs & Graphics, Port Bryon, IL

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